Interactive Video for Increased User Engagement

Today’s content is a flooded market of videos vying for the consumer’s attention. The best way your company can impact its audience is through an interactive video element. What’s that? An interactive video is a media form that is fairly new to the scene. Gaining an incredible amount of traction because of the unique delivery it presents to consumers. It physically allows your consumer to utilize presented tools within the video to make digital actions based on the content. The functions within the video are the appealing component to the viewer. Therefore, empowers them to invest further into your story.

Some interactive elements such as:

  •  Hotspots – clickable buttons that may reveal critical information within the video.
  • Branching – takes the viewer on a customizable journey by “controlling” the content they see.
  • Quizzes – reveals a personalized result at the end of the video through clickable branching options.

Below is an example of an interactive video using a quiz element for a non-profit organization we help creatively.